An erotic massage in Malaga is one of the most rewarding experiences. Now it is possible with this exclusive luxury service carried out by the best tantric masseurs. A team that has the training and experience to offer the perfect tantric massage to both men and women.

There is a great variety of erotic massages to enjoy a different experience. A massage of this type is ideal for arousing sexual excitement, but also to enjoy greater relaxation. This means that these massages not only have sexual connotations, but also therapeutic benefits.

Types of tantric massages in Malaga

tantric massage malaga

Professional erotic masseuses offer a catalogue of sensual massages for both men and women.

From the tantric delight massage to the summum intensity massage, including an exclusive luxury massage, a tantric massage for couples or a four-hand massage. The client has the opportunity to choose the type of massage he or she wants. Always with discretion and maximum comfort, as they can receive these massages in your hotel, in the agency or at home 24 hours by appointment.

To any of the tantric massages above can be added the additional service of erotic shower. In it, the masseuse performs a sensual dance underwater along with the massage to live a much more exciting experience.

In addition to these massages, there is the gay massage in Malaga, performed by authentic professional masseurs, the yoni massage for women, the lingam massage for men and the VIP services for special clients.

Non-erotic massages in Malaga

It is also possible to receive non-erotic massages. They are called decontracting massages and aim to eliminate the contractures that the massaged present.

This type of massage is carried out by professional masseurs with extensive experience. It is not an erotic massage nor does it have a happy ending like the previous ones, but rather its end is totally therapeutic.

Unlike the sex massages, in this the masseuse is fully dressed and only seeks to eliminate the client’s contractures using oils and creams.

Best professional erotic masseuses in Malaga

All our massages in Malaga above are performed by the best erotic masseurs. A team specialized in erotic and tantric massages to meet the needs of all customers.

The quality, experience and professionalism of each of our masseuses are fully guaranteed. These are precisely the hallmarks of this luxury erotic massage service. A totally different activity with which to live a sensual experience at all levels.

Depending on the type of massage performed, the masseur can be dressed, naked or semi-naked. In addition, you can use only the hands or a body to body massage to achieve greater excitement. In some cases, the massage will even be interactive so that the massaged person can touch the masseuse.

Each of these masseurs adapts perfectly to the needs of the massage. In this way, you can enjoy much more because the client will feel very comfortable at all times. To the point of being able to choose the degree of eroticism and sensuality you want.

The great variety of erotic massages in Costa del Sol makes this service exclusive and luxurious. A very exciting experience to live individually or as a couple and can include not only massages, but also tantric massage courses, private tantric parties, shows by erotic masseurs and much more.

Outcall Massage in Málaga

We also provide erotic massage in Valencia, at the Mediterranean Coast. Visit for more details about the services and tantric masseuses in Valencia.